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All About All Star Pick

All Star Pick was born out of the idea that while even though athletes’ careers may end, their stories and motivations do not. Retired athletes may hang up the cleats; however, with All Star Pick, we are able to provide athletes with a platform to share powerful stories and convey lessons that can inspire members of any organization. These stories can be impactful in several different settings such as providing a role model for children, inspiring a youth sports team and motivating a sales force in the corporate world. 

Throughout their careers, athletes constantly integrate with fans. These experiences create life-long impressions in not only the minds of the fans, but with the athletes as well. Athletes make easy role models for children and can make a decent career out of public speaking after retirement. However, it is impossible for a retired athlete to continue to be everywhere else. 

With All Star Pick, we put aside the hassle of flying across the country by providing the ability to reach some of fan's favorite athletes via a virtual streaming session. These “FaceTime-like” streaming sessions allow our athletes to reach fans, while not having to leave friends and family behind at home. Our sessions provide the face-to-face opportunities with professional athletes that sports fans crave. The future is in technology and All Star Pick delivers an experience unlike anything you've seen.