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Leverage our Professional Athletes to Talk to them Virtually

AllStarPick Virtual is an innovative platform, which will allow your business to search, schedule and meet our athletes via either phone or through our virtual platform.

AllStarPick is a service that provides businesses and companies looking for high profile athletes/talent to engage their audiences through our virtual technology. We can provide virtual keynotes, motivational speaking engagements, round table discussions, clinics and any other type of preferred arrangement . We offer turnkey virtual events from the most intimate of discussions of one-on-one to larger team sessions and even global webcast to audiences as large as 10,000 viewers.

Our Benefits for Sports Agencies/Businesses and Fans are:

No more spending long hours coordinating schedules of your employees or staff to set up your event.  More importantly no more issues with scheduling and taking on the logistics for bringing an athlete/talent to your venue. Our virtual solution takes place over the Internet directly, there is no need for your company to deal with coordinating detailed logistics. As a result, this facilitates the ability to schedule more events and seminars leveraging our athlete/talent.
Cost Effective

One of the biggest problems when booking a guest speaker is coordinating schedules for employees and personnel who are located all over the country and world.  As a result, companies have to spend a big budget on travel, lodging and logistics. Having a virtual event eliminates all these costs.

Increase Global Engagement

It is hard to get a global presence without travelling all over the world. There are always certain cities that have a stronger connection with an athlete/talent . Virtual events is a great way for an athlete to engage directly with an audience anywhere in the world. Our relationships with strategic partners around the world, allows us to give our athletes/talent the ability to tap into a network they previously don’t have a following in.